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When shopping for your next bike, consider buying used from Power House Cycles. New motorcycles can sometimes cost just as much as a car. At Power House Cycles, we sell great used motorcycles and our inventory rotates frequently. We buy our used motorcycles wholesale, but we also purchase some bikes from locals. Come visit us in Martinsburg, WV, to see what we are selling! We promise you will love what you see.

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Benefits of Buying
a Used Motorcycle

Just like new cars, motorcycles depreciate the second you sign the papers and drive off the lot. Buying a used bike means that depending on the manufacturer and year, you could be saving some serious money. Buying used is so much more than that, though. Sometimes, you can find a used bike with customizations that make it unique. Or, you could find a classic bike in great shape for a steal. 

If you do decide to buy used, Power House Cycles even saves you a step and some time by repairing every bike that comes through our doors, so you know that you are getting top quality for a great price.

Sell Your Bike With Power House

Selling your bike can be a hassle. You have to find a price that works for you and post the listing only to hope that someone sees it and is intersted. Save yourself some time and contact Power House Cycles when you are looking to sell your motorcycle. We will buy it from you for a fair price before making any necessary repairs and selling it as part of our inventory. Call us today for more information at (540) 316-8660.

Power House Cycles is Your Local Motorcycle Shop

We are a locally owned and operated motorcycle repair shop. This means that by buying your next used bike from Power House Cycles, you are helping to grow the local economy. Investing in our community helps to keep small businesses open for years to come and it helps spread wealth around our area. Shop locally and keep the area prosperous.